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Integrated Approach to Professional Growth with Washoe County School District

The Washoe County School District searched for a solution that could serve as a true professional growth system for District employees, a common platform for conducting and tracking evaluations that aligned professional development to evaluation results and compliance needs. The District partnered with Truenorthlogic to develop MyPGS, the District’s comprehensive professional growth system.


Evaluation for All, Certified and Classified Staff with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools uses Truenorthlogic for all classified evaluations which consist of 200 different job code based evaluations. Their belief is that all educators influence a student and their performance. For example, there is a score card for cafeteria staff which include student performance.


Personalized Professional Growth with Long Beach Unified School District

Long Beach Unified School District is thinking about PD differently. It’s not just about registration, getting hours and tracking – it’s about professional growth. Truenorthlogic designed a new online platform with built-in features for teacher feedback that helps educators become better.  Learn more about Long Beach's PD journey and how Long Beach USD and Truenorthlogic are both winning in a long-lasting vendor-district partnership.


Comprehensive Data Solution with Buffalo Public Schools

Buffalo Public Schools’ Professional Growth System measures performance, recognizes outstanding work, and provides focused and ongoing professional development and support for teachers and principals. One integral piece of having a comprehensive solution that can be used across multiple departments, is the integration with Buffalo's HRIS that automatically updates nightly.  Pulling information from system to system in this way eliminates data silos and hours of manual data manipulation.


Statewide Educator Effectiveness Implementation with Georgia Department of Education

Based on a recommendation from Gwinnett County Schools, the Georgia Department of Education selected Truenorthlogic to support a statewide implementation of their Teacher and Leader Keys Effectiveness Systems (TKES, LKES) with 120,000 educators. The online platform provides a single interface for all multiple measure evaluation components, including frameworks, observations, surveys of instructional practice, student growth percentile data, and student learning objective (SLO) data. Plus, it’s fully integrated with Truenorthlogic PD. Georgia Department of Education sees their solution as a one-stop-shop for accessing professional learning resources and reports essential for educator effectiveness.


Facilitating Required Professional Development with Utah State Office of Education

Utah State Office of Education (USOE) drives required professional development (PD) for the certification process statewide. All districts are able to access the USOE’s PD opportunities even if they have their own system. Using the INTASC rubric, the USOE built out an alignment to the Common Core Standards. An alternative to Charlotte Danielson, the USOE is willing to share the rubric at no cost. Utah districts have the option to use the state framework or their own.