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Professional Learning

Professional Learning Drives Staff Development

Studies have shown that an educator’s knowledge and skills have the most significant impact on student performance.  The ongoing acquisition of new knowledge and skills drives a teacher’s professional learning journey, which includes learning new strategies and trying them out, reflection and reiteration, and tracking progress. In order to meet the ever-changing needs of educators, districts must offer a variety of professional development opportunities. These initiatives can be challenging, especially considering the many sources of PD available, the burdensome paperwork associated with course submissions, and the shrinking budgets for new PD content.

Truenorthlogic helps districts with these challenges through its easy-to-use, district-driven online professional learning tools.

Based on 15 years of experience working with leading districts and states across the country, the Truenorthlogic K-12 Professional Learning Solution provides a comprehensive approach to the management of all professional development opportunities.


Our Professional Learning Solution includes:

  • Truenorthlogic PD - simplifies management of all professional learning opportunities and content, including online resources, workshop submissions, registration, budgets, and transcript tracking.
  • Premium Library - provides access to an online marketplace of high-quality PD courses from industry-leading content providers with multiple purchasing options for greater efficiency and reduced costs.
  • Transcript Management - allows for at-a-glance monitoring of course completion status and credit tracking for all staff.
  • Budgeting and Room Scheduling Tools - streamlines management of the administrative aspects of managing workshop submissions.


Embracing Educator Professional Learning Partnered with Truenorthlogic

Superintendents have the visibility across the district to determine the effectiveness of professional development offerings, and can be confident that all staff are receiving personalized learning opportunities.

Administrators benefit from clear professional development tracking and reporting, as well as access to new PD content available through convenient pay-as-you-go pricing.

Educators can take ownership of their own professional learning through an easy-to-use self-service portal and registration tools.

Find out why professional learning is an integral part of a district's overall professional growth approach.

Join the Conversation on Personalized Professional Learning. 500+ educators shared their perspectives on the state of personalized professional learning in the Personalized Professional Learning Survey. Dive into the results through our Educator Viewpoints on Personalized Professional Learning Salon Series - you may be surprised at the pitfalls and practices that make a difference.