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Professional Growth

Personalized Professional Growth

District administrators across the country are seeking solutions that provide greater visibility into the educator performance, and tools to improve staff development. They need a flexible solution that will support their goals, and evolve as their needs inevitably grow and change.

Truenorthlogic’s technology solutions fully support the cycle of continuous educator improvement and its connection to student achievement.

Professional growth for each educator is a continuous process that involves guiding individual improvement based upon many influencers:  district requirements, individually-driven progress, collaboration with others, supporting tools, and measures. When this process is implemented with fidelity, you’re able to see improved educator effectiveness and student growth.

The Truenorthlogic Platform currently serves over 1,000 school districts by providing educators and administrators with access to relevant, personalized professional growth.


Integrated Approach to Professional Growth with the Truenorthlogic Platform

  • Truenorthlogic Evaluation is designed to accurately and fairly measure educator effectiveness by providing intuitive tools that enhance your district’s existing evaluation approach, seamlessly linking multiple measures, and providing transparency to performance outcomes.
  • Truenorthlogic PD allows districts to acquire, create, and manage customized professional learning opportunities, and give educators anytime access to courses that are fine-tuned to their professional development needs.
  • Truenorthlogic Calibration is an easy and reliable tool to score and certify observers who conduct teacher, principal, and staff observations, thereby creating consistency and fairness in the evaluation process and fostering inter-rater reliability.


Enhancing Professional Growth

Administrators use online tools to prepare, support and retain effective faculty and staff.

Educators experience an aligned, continuous and personalized approach to professional growth.

The Truenorthlogic Platform supports over 1 million educators across the country and can help your district provide effective educators for every student.