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Educator Effectiveness

A Simplified Approach to Greater Effectiveness

After 15 years of experience with leading districts and states across the country, Truenorthlogic has found that effective educator development is based on an iterative development cycle designed to move educators and leaders through a personalized growth continuum. Our educator effectiveness solution is designed to customize, manage, and monitor professional growth along this continuum by streamlining the workflows and data that inform it.

The Truenorthlogic K-12 Educator Effectiveness Solution simplifies processes and prioritizes the continuous improvement necessary to drive educator effectiveness.

Truenorthlogic's Educator Effectiveness Solution facilitates, rather than defines your district’s evaluation processes, and includes:

  • Truenorthlogic Evaluation - flexible support for any multiple-measure evaluation framework, supporting rubrics, workflows and student learning objectives.
  • Truenorthlogic Calibration - ensuring valid, defensible evidence collection across all observation cycles.


Integration with Truenorthlogic PD

Every educator brings a unique set of skills and talents to the classroom every day, which is why Truenorthlogic solutions are designed to empower them with personalized professional growth opportunities that are linked to observations, rubrics, and goals to maximize effectiveness at all levels of expertise. Through an integration with Truenorthlogic PD, professional development is directly aligned to evaluation outcomes, driving truly personalized growth.


Promoting Effectiveness at All Levels

Superintendents have the technology to create a district-wide culture of excellence by providing an environment of transparency and accountability and supporting the continuous improvement of every educator, school, teacher, and staff member.

Administrators benefit from an online, integrated system for managing compliance requirements and professional growth that leverages existing rubrics, forms, and resources.

Educators utilize a continuous progression cycle that is organized, efficient, and informative, with ongoing feedback from objective evidence-based observations, peer reviewers, and self-assessments.

Find out why educator effectiveness is an integral part of a district's overall professional growth approach.