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Truenorthlogic Evaluation

Multiple Measure Performance Evaluation

Truenorthlogic Evaluation provides intuitive tools that enhance your school district’s existing evaluation approach, seamlessly linking multiple measures, and providing transparency to performance outcomes.

Truenorthlogic Evaluation simplifies how K-12 districts manage the complexities of their evaluation processes, allowing school leaders to focus on educator growth instead of burdensome paperwork.

With the flexibility to support any framework and rubric, competency model, and set of professional standards, multiple measures can be automatically scored, rated, weighted and averaged depending on your district’s requirements.

Evaluation plan example:

Evaluators have on-demand access to the system, at-a-glance dashboards, and robust reporting tools, allowing them to give educators targeted, actionable feedback immediately.


More than an Evaluation Tool:  Focusing on Growth

Truenorthlogic Evaluation enables districts to maximize retention and foster a culture that prioritizes student success. Observers can provide educators with immediate feedback and targeted opportunities for professional development relative to areas of need.

With Truenorthlogic Evaluation, principals have simple dashboard views to help monitor completion of steps in the evaluation process.  School leaders have increased visibility into the evaluation process and outcomes, saving time and making it easier to manage the evaluation process.


Truenorthlogic Evaluation Benefits Across the Organization

Administrators save time with easy-to-use tools to conduct and manage educator evaluations.

Educators easily access their evaluations in a reliable system, and can retrieve actionable feedback from observers.

See how districts across the country are successfully managing and enhancing their educator evaluations with Truenorthlogic Evaluation.


The Truenorthlogic Evaluation Difference

  • Focus on evaluations for all employees, both certified and classified staff
  • Easily capture evidence using online and offline observation tools
  • Manage peer review programs
  • Seamlessly integrate with other data systems to bring value-added scores directly into the evaluation process
  • Deliver surveys of students, parents or staff with anonymity
  • Ensure accuracy of student learning objectives, form completion, and calculations
  • Create personalized learning plans focused on K-12 professional growth
  • Integrate with Truenorthlogic PD to easily target professional development based on evaluation results


Truenorthlogic Evaluation is a key component of the Truenorthlogic Platform, with tools offering professional development, observer calibration and more. The Truenorthlogic Platform fully supports the cycle of continuous educator improvement.

What Our Clients are Saying

"An evaluation system is a paradigm shift which promotes conversations, coaching, trust, transparency, and immediate and accurate feedback. We needed a collaborative system that was more in-depth, comprehensive and house all professional growth tools under one umbrella. Truenorthlogic delivered the system we needed."

‐ Dr. Marilyn Underwood, Executive Director of Staff Development, Marion County Public Schools