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Truenorthlogic supports goals for schools in Queen City

By: Caroline Wynne Date: April 16, 2015

Charlotte, NC Skyline

Charlotte, NC Skyline

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) in North Carolina provides academic instruction, rigor and support for more than 144,000 kindergarten through 12th grade students in 164 schools throughout the cities and towns of Mecklenburg County. CMS sets high standards for all students, helping to create greater opportunities for future success.

CMS is one of the largest employers in Mecklenburg County, with more than 18,000 teachers, support staff and administrators. Mecklenburg County is home to more than 1 million residents in the thriving metropolitan area.

Strategic Plan 2018: For a Better Tomorrow is the district’s new roadmap to transform CMS over the next five years. The plan sets out the goals and strategies they will use to prepare students and employees to successfully achieve these goals, as well as the metrics and milestones the district will use to measure progress. It is not only a plan for CMS; it is also the articulation of aspirations, goals and priorities shared by all members within the community.

CMS mapped out a total of six goals in their plan; two of which Truenorthlogic plans to directly support, as noted below…

Goal: Recruit, develop, retain and reward a premier workforce.

CMS lists five focus areas to include proactive recruitment, individualized professional development, retention/quality appraisals, multiple career pathways, and leadership development.

Using Truenorthlogic’s professional growth solutions, CMS is able to apply evaluations to inform professional development. All of the in-service for teachers is tied to one or more of the five standards in the teacher evaluation process. “Our goal is that every professional development opportunity will say, ‘This applies to standards 1 and 3’ or ‘This applies to standard 4,’” says Jan Richardson, Executive Director of HRIS and Talent Management. Truenorthlogic’s software ties observations and end-of-year evaluations together, so that when a teacher is noted as needing some development, the appropriate workshop or in-service will populate within that individual’s evaluation.

Goal: Optimize district performance and accountability by strengthening data use, processes and systems.

CMS lists four focus areas, to include effective and efficient processes and systems, strategic use of district resources, data integrity and use, and school performance improvement.

CMS has implemented a more streamlined coaching and mentoring system for all first-, second-, and third-year teachers. The mentor uses a log in to access the Truenorthlogic system to document his or her work with the teacher, including areas that need improvement. The district’s professional development team can pull up reports to see which areas of deficiency are popping up so they can design workshops to address those deficiencies.

The public school system in Charlotte-Mecklenburg has a rich and intricate history built upon the efforts of many individuals who believe in the importance of education to this community. Truenorthlogic is ready and able to help educators and administrators in this area and across the country achieve their goals in 2015 and beyond.

Truenorthlogic solutions provide a personalized approach to growth that supports the educator’s entire lifecycle, adapting to each district’s processes, rubrics and guidelines, with the flexibility to evolve as the district’s needs change.

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