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The Georgia Educator Effectiveness Story

By: Caroline Wynne Date: May 20, 2015


Three years ago, Georgia Department of Education (DOE) set out to develop new technology solutions to support their overall goal of promoting and supporting teacher and leader effectiveness to improve student learning in every classroom in the state. Under an aggressive timeline set forth by Race to the Top, Georgia successfully developed and implemented a scalable electronic platform, now used by 150,000 educators across the state.

During a Council of Chief State School Officers webinar hosted by the State Consortium on Educator Effectiveness (SCEE), Cindy Saxon, Associate Superintendent of Teacher and Leader Effectiveness at the Georgia DOE, shared how the state developed and implemented a successful system for teacher and leader evaluations and professional growth.

The Teacher Keys Effectiveness System consists of multiple evaluation components, including student learning objectives, observations, surveys, and student percentiles, providing a comprehensive review of teacher effectiveness, with targeted support to promote continuous growth. The Leader Keys Effectiveness System is used as a common evaluation system that allows the state to ensure consistency and comparability across districts, including inter-rater reliability of observers, based on a common definition of leader effectiveness.

Cindy mentioned during the webinar that well developed technology is essential to doing this educator effectiveness work successfully. Georgia’s Teacher and Leader Keys Effectiveness Systems are powered by Truenorthlogic’s technology platform. The single sign-on system houses all multiple measure evaluation components, and is fully integrated with over 300 professional learning resources. Educators are provided with instant meaningful feedback to support their continuous growth and development. Each educator is able to monitor, analyze, and apply pertinent data from multiple sources toward attainment of established performance goals.

The interactive webinar posed an inviting way for states to learn from an early-adopter state and to work together and offer ideas amongst each other. SCEE discusses and shares resources and strategies to meet the challenges and leverage the opportunities presented by designing and implementing coherent and comprehensive systems for educator effectiveness.

From Georgia’s standpoint, why are they doing this? To ensure increased student achievement for over 1.7 million students.

To learn more about becoming a SCEE member or to access the Georgia Educator Effectiveness Story webinar recording, visit the CCSSO SCEE site.