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Technology Helps Nurture Mentoring Relationships

By: Caroline Wynne Date: March 3, 2015

The effectiveness of new teachers is a critical link to student success and one that relies on quality mentors.

Mentoring programs give teachers and school administrators the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to increase a teacher’s ability to enrich the lives of students. The first few years of teaching are the most challenging, but are also the best time to establish positive habits and best practices for a successful career.

Author Hal Portner in his book Mentoring New Teachers argues that trust is crucial to the mentor-mentee relationship. New teachers must feel confident in expressing doubt or admitting mistakes to experienced teachers, without fearing embarrassment or repercussions.

Over the years, we have found that building confidence in teachers through collaboration with a trusted role model improves retention rates.

Teacher and Mentor 2

Truenorthlogic’s trusted solution gives administrators at the school or district level the ability to effectively match mentors with mentees, and track those interactions with an online mentor log and other tools. Our Automated Mentor Program Tracking gives mentors more time to spend on communicating and coaching, and less time on paperwork.

All teachers face significant challenges during their induction into the teaching profession. Mentoring is an activity in which both participants gain experience and knowledge. It also benefits an entire organization.

For example, through coaching and mentoring, human resources / professional development personnel gain insight into the topics and standards mentors are discussing with novice teachers. This data then can be used to identify patterns or trends across the district and guide program improvements. Also, Teacher Leaders and Principals have a way to suggest additional mentoring activities and/or review goals aligned with professional development.

Educators today face increasing challenges and responsibilities. As the lines between traditional services, innovative initiatives, and even departmental duties begin to blur, senior leadership must be able to manage the constantly expanding role of teachers. An effective mentoring program backed by 21st century technology and real-time data analysis can ease the workflow and improve the transparency of your coaching and mentoring programs.

For some additional insight on mentoring best practices, this EdWeek story Mentoring Novice Teachers to Become Teacher-Leaders is worth a read. You also can see how districts across the country are using our Coaching and Mentoring solution to successfully manage and enhance their coaching and mentoring programs.

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