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Teachers Want to Learn

By: Caroline Wynne Date: December 22, 2015

Lauren Hayman loves working with kids. “They are sponges full of love.”

Lauren Hayman

As a teacher in her second year at Chaires Elementary School in Leon County Schools, Florida, Ms. Hayman makes time in her schedule to fit in professional development.

“I work on my professional growth every day. At the end of the day, I spend time reflecting on how I presented a subject, thinking through how my students reacted, and determining anything to tweak. My students give me the incentive to get it right.”

Whether it’s reading a book at home, attending classes offered by the district, or registering for online courses, Ms. Hayman finds a mix of professional learning opportunities gives her the best support and collaboration to become a better teacher.

Jackie Bist feels at home in the classroom.


After being a kindergarten teacher at Chaires Elementary School for 27 years, many of her teaching methods have become second nature; however, she believes that finding time for personal improvement is still important.

“Whether you’re a brand new or veteran teacher, professional development needs to be relevant to what you’re doing every day,” explains Mrs. Bist. “I love it when I’ve learned something new and can immediately apply it in the classroom.”

Like most teachers, Mrs. Bist doesn’t want to waste her time on professional development just to “get points.” It’s more meaningful to her, and ultimately her students, when she can quickly identify and qualify professional learning opportunities using descriptions, recommendations, and ratings.

In an effort to better support teacher professional development and create more transparency, Leon County Schools partners with Truenorthlogic to provide all teachers access to a comprehensive professional learning management system. The online PD solution brings together hundreds of instructor-led and self-paced courses that have been approved by the district professional development department. Personalized course offerings provide a path for continuous improvement as teachers adapt to the needs of their students, curriculum, policy changes, and evaluations.

Teachers like that the system is easy to use, intuitive when searching and registering for a course, and In-service history is available at any time.

“Our previous system had so many steps and courses were not tied to our transcript. I love that it is all right here within Truenorthlogic,” said Ms. Hayman.