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Taking the Discomfort Out of District Growth

By: MaryBeth Crissman Date: January 29, 2016

Brevard evaluations

One of the things that Truenorthlogic does best is accommodate for growth.

Our professional development and evaluation solutions allow schools and districts to grow and develop their teacher and administrator body without sacrificing usability or quality. Because our solutions aren’t one size fits all, districts like Brevard Public Schools in Florida have been able to adapt to rapid district growth and meet the evolving needs of their students and staff while maintaining a high caliber of excellence and performance.

Brevard Public Schools faced a unique set of challenges when they recently experienced a significant change in their leadership and enrollment which led to the appointment of 27 first-time assistant principals and the reassignment of 11 more. Not only did they experience a period of rapid growth, they are also facing a significant upheaval at the end of the 2015-16 school year when eight principals and two central office leaders will be retiring. All this change coupled with the ever-expanding role of district administrators across the nation means that administrative staff have more to do each day when it comes to leading their teachers and students to success. Research shows that effective principal leadership has a direct relationship to higher student achievement, and it’s essential to enable administrators with the tools necessary to help them help their teachers and students. This is where Truenorthlogic fits in.

Like many districts, one of Brevard’s greatest challenges was providing quality professional development that was more personalized and aligned to each individual principal and teacher’s needs as their district grew. Using a variety of different systems and programs made this a seemingly impossible task, but our solutions helped the district to directly link evaluation data to professional development opportunities. Because our platform is designed for personalized professional learning, Brevard was able to integrate our framework into their existing systems.

Administrators are able to capture a bird’s-eye-view on their evaluation responsibilities and more accurately plan out the year ahead.  At a glance they can see how many observations each teacher needs and where they are in the evaluation process. Through the use of our solutions, evaluation is streamlined and administrators are able to provide appropriate feedback and interventions as necessary. And because principals use the same system to evaluate their staff as they do to be evaluated themselves, the comfort level is high.

Truenorthlogic PD and Evaluation make growth an organic process within Brevard’s existing framework. Administrators have also seen time savings using Truenorthlogic solutions. Instead of shuffling through a mountain of paperwork and documents, administrators can pull up the observation tool on their mobile device and complete thorough and thoughtful observations in real-time. Because the PD and Evaluation solutions are synchronized, administrators are able to recommend or require relevant and personalized professional development opportunities upon completing an evaluation. This makes each professional development opportunity more meaningful and valuable.

 “Last fall I was amazed – we had 5,000 teachers register for workshops across the district, and we only had two phone calls in our office that day. That’s just unheard of.” Lynn Conroy – Coordinator, Certifications and Professional Development Services