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Supporting The Framework for Transforming Education Workforce Systems

By: Caroline Wynne Date: July 14, 2015

Improving Educator Quality

State departments of education are focused on the most important factor in student achievement—effective teachers and leaders. Truenorthlogic recognizes there are many components and elements of change involved in measuring educator effectiveness. Our professional growth solutions help ease the complexity by increasing transparency and accountability, allowing districts to make important decisions as it relates to educators and students while staying compliant with state regulations.

The Council of Chief State School Officers created a guide to help states monitor their progress on transforming their education workforce. Truenorthlogic’s Platform supports this framework by providing online tools to help simplify the four components to attract, prepare, support and retain effective educators.


Fast track onboarding processes to efficiently bring on new staff. Truenorthlogic’s solution links to each individual’s growth plan, allowing administrators to suggest learning activities, review goals and provide feedback, and target professional development courses to support development, automating all forms to facilitate a smooth onboarding experience.

Truenorthlogic’s certification and licensure tool allows import of certification record data to ensure teachers are qualified for their position.

Truenorthlogic Talent helps states provide career growth opportunities for all staff, and manage thoughtful succession planning. Staff members can be categorized according to their readiness for succession into a variety of roles, supporting the identification of high potential candidates.


Truenorthlogic’s certification and licensure solution allows states to integrate with internal and external educator effectiveness data systems, and supports finding and documenting state- and locally-approved professional development opportunities used to renew educator licenses.

Individuals can access a comprehensive view of all data related to their own career in a talent profile, including professional development opportunities and credential information.


Truenorthlogic Evaluation supports any evaluation framework based on the statewide vision for supporting and developing educators. Teachers and leaders are evaluated using a set of multiple measures, including evidence of student learning. The relationship between educator ratings and student achievement results can be analyzed for the district as a whole, by school, and by evaluator. Observers are trained using an inter-rater reliability tool, Truenorthlogic Calibration, used to inform and provide professional development.

Truenorthlogic’s solutions align evaluation outcomes and professional development to the standards. Professional development offerings, through Truenorthlogic PD, can be determined based on where teachers fall along an effectiveness distribution; teachers who need the most support receive it. Data are used as the centerpiece of feedback conversations between evaluators and teachers, bringing visibility and a valuable resource for continuous development.

Retain and Extend

With Truenorthlogic, states can support differentiated roles, such as teacher leader titles, reflected in formal accountability systems, including evaluation. Collect artifacts from educators in differentiated leadership roles that reflect their influence on other teachers and leaders.

Truenorthlogic’s solutions help states access data to measure retention rates among most effective educators.

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