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Reaching New Heights at National User Group

By: Caroline Wynne Date: November 10, 2015

“Believe you can and you’re half way there.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Our school district clients are dealing with educator effectiveness and professional growth initiatives that can sometimes cause them to feel like they’re climbing a mountain.

The goal of the Truenorthlogic 2015 National User Group Meeting was to help them feel like they’re not alone in this climb, hence the meeting’s theme “Reaching New Heights.” In the apropos Salt Lake City mountain view setting, school districts from across the country met to share, learn, collaborate, and have fun.

The National User Group meets in-person annually. It’s a meeting for super-users and thought leaders who use the Truenorthlogic Professional Growth System to support their districts’ professional growth needs. The meeting offers collaboration with other leading school districts tackling similar challenges; an opportunity to build relationships with peers in similar roles across the country and Truenorthlogic leadership; and, training to help get the most value from using Truenorthlogic’s solutions.


Here’s a peek at some of the 2015 National User Group sessions led by our clients:

Teacher Evaluations – Fairfax County Public Schools shared their teacher evaluation process and how multiple measures are tracked within their Truenorthlogic Evaluation system.

Classified Staff Evaluations – Jordan School District worked with Truenorthlogic to automate their 11 different classified staff evaluation plans.

Student Achievement Data – Phoenix Union High School District described the drivers for including student achievement data in teacher evaluations and how data informed decisions lead to continuous revisions.

Personalized Professional Development – Long Beach Unified School District shared their myPD system for empowering effective educators, which includes a PD profile, PD plan, delivery, and timely feedback.

Product Release Preparations – Gwinnett County School District explained their steps to prepare, test, and communicate each Truenorthlogic product release.

The agenda featured a guest speaker from Literacy Solutions, one of Truenorthlogic PD’s Premium Library content partners. As a premier provider of online professional development, they discussed how to implement a successful rollout of online learning, what works and doesn’t work, based on their extensive experiences.

Truenorthlogic-led sessions included why observer calibration is important; how to leverage evaluation and professional development reporting; and, the always popular what’s coming next on the Truenorthlogic product road map.

First-time attendee Marion Hogan, Staff Development Coordinator from Cypress-Fairbanks ISD, found great value in “the sense of camaraderie in hearing the success stories of others.”

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We are dedicated to continuing to help our clients reach new heights by facilitating opportunities for them to collaborate. Be on the lookout for our 2016 calendar of national and regional user group events!