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Illuminating Integrated Professional Growth

By: MaryBeth Crissman Date: February 5, 2016

illuminating integrated professional growth

Imagine yourself at home on a typical Tuesday night, and it’s time for dinner. You open up your recipe file and pull out a family favorite. As you begin gathering your supplies, you find yourself criss-crossing your kitchen, in and out of your pantry, and even out to the extra refrigerator out in the garage. When you think that you finally have all of the necessary components gathered together to prepare a delicious meal, you realize that you don’t have one key ingredient. Now someone needs to dash off to the store to get it, or else you’ll have to order pizza. Again.

Often times, professional growth solutions can feel this way. At first glance, you think you have everything you need. It may require a little leg work, but all the ingredients seem readily accessible to you. In an ideal world, you have high quality PD courses to choose from, the funding to pay for them, and classroom coverage while you’re away. There is a means for leaders to evaluate staff and a way for staff to access those evaluations. There may even be an option to set goals and perhaps even develop or participate in a PLC. But simply having all of these features available doesn’t mean that they are truly integrated and inform each other in a meaningful way.

Being a “fully integrated” professional growth solution is more than just a course catalog with online registration capabilities, or an evaluation system hosted on the same website as a professional development system. How do you know which courses are best suited for your needs and goals as an individual? How can you access those courses or recommendations while you are analyzing your most recent observation or evaluation? Is there a way to choose courses while you are looking at your personal goals or areas of improvement? When determining areas of growth and finding relevant PD opportunities, does it take just a single click? Or fifteen?

One of the most valuable features of the Truenorthlogic Evaluation solution is our “lightbulb” tool. This little, modest lightbulb is the embodiment of true integration and helps both leaders and teachers access a plethora of relevant and personalized professional development opportunities from within the results of an observation or evaluation. There is no opening a separate window to browse a PD catalog or toggling between windows to look at goals and observations and evaluations. It’s all illuminated right there with the lightbulb feature. The lightbulb saves time, but it also allows professional development recommendations and opportunities to be more authentic and timely.

lightbulb callout

A fully-integrated professional growth solution should make working towards and achieving your goals easier and more fulfilling. Professional growth should be a labor of love, not simply a chore, and it should feel organic and authentic. Truenorthlogic’s solutions make it just that.