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How can you have a big impact on improving the technology tools you use?

By: MaryBeth Crissman Date: June 14, 2016

How many times have you started using a new program only to find yourself throwing your hands up in frustration, grumbling, “This software is so counter-intuitive! Why isn’t it designed better?” Product designers consider this moment of frustration long before it happens and make every effort to make their programs fluid and intuitive because a good designer knows that designing great software requires passion, expertise, and, most importantly, empathy for the user.

Hopefully you’ve heard by now that Truenorthlogic has merged with Performance Matters. This merger brings exciting changes to our product design team. We are growing and this growth brings the ability to dedicate more resources to focus on improving the experience for teachers, principals, and administrators.

We would love to get your feedback about how to improve the user experience and make our software easier to use. According to Jared Spool, founder of User Interface Engineering, making software seem intuitive requires understanding what users know and what they need to know. An “intuitive” interface will feel familiar and match the user’s knowledge and past experience.

As our design process evolves to include more user feedback, we are reaching out to our school district clients to find teachers and principals that can collaborate with us to create the software that will be most meaningful and intuitive. We understand not all districts can facilitate teachers and principals actively participating in this direct type of feedback, but we hope this will help start the conversation about why collaboration with our users is critical.

If you would like be part of our user feedback panel, please send us your contact information. We will contact you in the future to hear your opinions on new designs and improvements we can make on existing designs.

Melissa Garland, User Experience Designer
Ryan Poland, Product Manager