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Helping School Districts Become A Synchronized Boat

By: Caroline Wynne Date: April 3, 2015

Boys in the Boat

Written by guest blogger, Jeanette Haren, Founder and CEO of Truenorthlogic

In the sport of rowing, it’s not the speed of the strokes that wins competitions; it’s all about synchronicity. Crew teams win, not because they row faster, but because they are perfectly in sync with one another, in how they put their oars in the water, and how much power they apply to each stroke. The teams that become champions master these concepts, and their boats are always winning boats.

This concept is described in Daniel James Brown’s The Boys in the Boat; an improbable, intimate account of how nine working-class boys from the American West against all odds showed the world at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin what true grit really meant.

Truenorthlogic helps school districts become winning boats. We provide technology solutions that help synchronize departments, empowering the school district to perform smarter, faster, and much more efficiently than ever before.

The educator, certified or classified staff member, is at the core of everything we do. Our system brings together technology, curriculum, human resources, and professional development departments, to focus their work on supporting each educator’s professional growth.

For many districts, our work is often the first time these departments have all had an equal spot at the table to discuss their role in educator effectiveness. Professional development departments, which are involved in the management of workshops and granting certificates, are often isolated from other departments. Technology departments can be just as isolated, managing hardware, or granting access to technology for teaching and learning. When it comes to educator effectiveness, all of these moving parts have to work together, along with curriculum and human resource departments, and this requires a new kind of dialogue.

At Truenorthlogic, everything we do in our daily work is aligned to professional growth. And just like teams on winning boats, each stroke we take must have power. Our talent management system streamlines paper-based processes, provides visibility of data, and delivers accountability to help administrators make informed decisions. This empowers the school district to provide educators with the continuous support they need to develop, grow, and positively impact student success.

We spend every day working to create systems that help school districts improve the performance of their organizations. They use our systems to work smarter, helping educators to be as effective as possible, ultimately approaching every decision from a performance perspective.

At Truenorthlogic, we believe in the power of our solutions; we use our own software to measure our employees’ performance, track progress towards goals, and identify and address areas where improvement might be needed. This not only helps us build and maintain a high quality workforce, it helps us understand how we can improve our product.

Let us help your school district become a more synchronized boat. Learn more about our comprehensive K-12 talent management approach.