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Continuing the Conversation: Personalized Professional Learning

By: MaryBeth Crissman Date: June 1, 2016

In April, we started a conversation about Personalized Professional Learning. We shared stories and insight about the challenges and triumphs of professional learning experiences from educators across the country, and now we’re continuing the conversation!

Episode 2 of our Salon Series, Educator Viewpoints on Personalized Professional Learning focuses on practice and process. According to the over 500 teachers and leaders who responded to our survey, policy and process matter greatly when it comes to an effective and meaningful professional learning climate. In fact, districts who share a few key characteristics are likely to create a more personalized professional learning climate for their educators. A few of those characteristics include:

  • Defining measures of growth and success
  • Taking teacher evaluation seriously instead of just “going through the motions”
  • Implementing and utilizing tech tools effectively

Educators in districts with these characteristics reported greater levels of confidence in their leaders and trust in the evaluation process.

Interestingly, survey responses varied greatly from region-to-region across the U.S. Episode 2 – Practices and Process: How Policies and Automation Shape Success dives into those differences. For example, only 47% of survey respondents from the West reported that teachers are required to create a Personalized Learning Plan – almost 20% less than the other regions. And 73% of survey respondents from the West rate lack of trust in the teacher evaluation process as an obstacle—almost 15% more than the other regions.

Another survey finding shows that regions that do more than “just go through the motions” to complete teacher evaluation may experience a better perception of trust and fairness.

Find out more about how educators and leaders in your region view personalized professional learning, and see how the findings compare to perceptions in your schools. Uncover more of the survey results when you download Episode 2 – Practices and Processes: How Policies and Automation Shape Success.