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10 +1 Ways to Show Your Love During Teacher Appreciation Week

By: MaryBeth Crissman Date: April 26, 2016

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and, while our teachers deserve appreciation all year long, there’s no better time to show your district’s educators how much you appreciate their hard work and efforts to improve the lives and performance of their students. Here are some ideas:

1. Improve the atmosphere and air quality in your district classrooms by giving each teacher a plant for their room. Peace lilies are a great (and inexpensive!) choice because they filter pollutants out of the air. Green plants also stimulate creativity!

2. Help your teachers keep track of their building keys and key cards by giving them a new lanyard or key chain. Build school spirit by using the school logo, symbol, or colors, or make things unique by using teacher initials.

3. We all know teachers struggle to stay hydrated during the day and a new water bottle will help them stay healthier! School colors are a great way to go!

4. Often the most meaningful thing a teacher will ever receive is a thoughtful, handwritten note of appreciation. Take a few moments to write a quick note expressing your gratitude for their contributions to your district.

5. Teachers often spend too much of their own money on classroom supplies and reading, and a gift card to Amazon can really make a difference. You can even tell them they must spend it on something just for themselves!

6. Teachers are always rushing around in the morning and a bagel breakfast can help ease the chaos at the start of the day while giving your teachers some essential energy to get through their day.

7. Every teacher looks forward to Jeans Day, so show your district’s educators your appreciation with an unexpected dress down day.

8. New coffee and tea mugs with school colors or teacher initials will ensure that your teachers always have a clean mug for drinking. Splurge on some fancy coffee for the staff room to really show your appreciation.

9. If the staff room has seen better days, invest in a new coffee maker and microwave for your team. Your district educators will appreciate it for years to come.

10. A fresh fruit basket loaded with bananas, oranges, apples and other seasonal fruit in the staff room on a Wednesday afternoon is a great way to show you appreciate your teachers as well as letting them know you care about their health.

Plus 1:  A sweet way to say “Thank you for all you do?” Full-size chocolate bars waiting on your teachers’ desks when they arrive Friday morning.

teacher apppreciation week
Please enjoy ASCD’s tribute to our nation’s teachers!

What are you doing to show your district’s teachers how much you appreciate them this week?