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Company History

Helping teachers is at the core of our mission. Founded in 2000 as iAssessment, Truenorthlogic has grown to support over 1,000 school districts across the country.

From humble beginnings, a small band of developers, led by Truenorthlogic founder Jeanette Haren, created a statewide assessment system in California that provided insight into teacher technical expertise and the impact of new technology initiatives across the state.

"We wanted to create a company that was founded on the idea of helping teachers grow in their career and their ability to teach in this ever-changing, fast-paced technological environment," said Founder and Chief Product Officer, Jeanette Haren.

By 2004, the company chose a new name, Truenorthlogic, and expanded its focus to include professional development and mentoring solutions, as well as workflow automation systems that streamlined many of the paper-based processes districts relied upon for observations and compliance reporting.

"We felt that the name Truenorthlogic better represented our mission to help educators find direction in building their careers and best serving their schools and students, thus came the 'true north.' 'Logic' represents how we provide that direction and support through technology as a software company," explains Jeanette.

Under Jeanette's leadership, Truenorthlogic created a one-of-a-kind comprehensive approach to managing educator excellence at every stage of their career. 

Truenorthlogic's Platform fully supports the cycle of continuous educator improvement and its connection to student achievement.

Built on years of experience and feedback from leading education agencies across the nation, Jeanette's innovative vision for a unified K-12 professional growth solution is more flexible today than ever before, capable of meeting the evolving challenges of K-12 school systems.

In 2014, Truenorthlogic was acquired by Weld North Holdings LLC, an investment company led by former Kaplan, Inc. CEO, Jonathan Grayer. Truenorthlogic has achieved many accomplishments with top-tier clients, first as a start-up, then as a fast-growing niche provider, and now as a leader in the K-12 educator effectiveness and professional learning market.

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