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Our Mission

Effective Educators for Every Student

Truenorthlogic ensures effective educators for every student by providing professional growth solutions for all educators.

Research shows that student growth and achievement is directly linked to educator effectiveness. Yet today’s compliance focused evaluation systems leave school leaders little time or money to invest in the professional growth of their staff.

Truenorthlogic is a leading provider of professional growth software for educators and K-12 education agencies striving to improve student achievement by increasing educator effectiveness. Truenorthlogic’s solutions provide administrators with the tools to prepare, support and retain effective educators.  Certified and classified staff benefit from an aligned, continuous and personalized approach to professional growth.

Developed in collaboration with leading education agencies and districts across the country, Truenorthlogic’s technology solutions – offering professional development content and management, comprehensive evaluation solutions, observer calibration, and more – fully support the cycle of continuous educator improvement and its connection to student achievement.

Every educator brings a unique set of skills and talents to the classroom every day, which is why Truenorthlogic’s solutions are designed to empower them with personalized professional growth opportunities that are linked to observations, rubrics and goals to maximize effectiveness at all levels of expertise.


Why Truenorthlogic?

Informed by more than 15 years of experience partnering with districts to increase educator effectiveness, Truenorthlogic designed its platform to streamline K-12 professional growth processes while guiding educators along the growth continuum. The Truenorthlogic Platform consists of three main solutions: Truenorthlogic Evaluation, Truenorthlogic PD, and Truenorthlogic Calibration, connecting to all aspects of educator professional growth.

The Truenorthlogic Platform Difference

  • Personalized Professional Growth
  • Adaptable
  • Open
  • Trusted
  • Experience-Driven

We Deliver

  • Intuitive tools for onboarding new employees and increasing retention of high-quality staff
  • Flexible evaluation and observation tools that can support any framework or rubric
  • Robust reporting and data dashboards that reveal insight into school and district-level growth
  • Reliable, research-based tools for creating consistency and fairness across observation cycles
  • Personalized professional learning opportunities that link directly to rubrics, goals and observations


Your Success

We believe that your success is our success, which is why over 1,000 school districts have partnered with us to drive the culture of effectiveness in their organizations.

Below are just a sample of the K-12 districts and states that are leveraging Truenorthlogic solutions to transform professional growth in their schools:

Learn more about the history behind Truenorthlogic's commitment to professional growth in K-12 school districts nationwide.